Image of Excellent A Level Results
16 August 2018

Excellent A Level Results

Image of Junior Sports Days
13 July 2018

Junior Sports Days

Image of Fifth Form Prom
2 July 2018

Fifth Form Prom

Image of Clitheroe Castle
2 July 2018

Clitheroe Castle

Image of London Trip
25 June 2018

London Trip

Image of Transition Day
25 June 2018

Transition Day

Image of Sixth Form Ball
25 June 2018

Sixth Form Ball

Image of Our Nepalese Friends
22 June 2018

Our Nepalese Friends

Image of U11 Athletics v AKS
21 June 2018

U11 Athletics v AKS

Image of J4 Enterprise Week
21 June 2018

J4 Enterprise Week

Image of Junior Manor Adventure
21 June 2018

Junior Manor Adventure

Image of NODA North West Award
21 June 2018

NODA North West Award

Image of Double Tennis at AKS
19 June 2018

Double Tennis at AKS

Image of KGS Sports Round Up
19 June 2018

KGS Sports Round Up

Image of Lancashire Cricket Cup
13 June 2018

Lancashire Cricket Cup

Image of Cricket v Rossall
11 June 2018

Cricket v Rossall

Image of KGS Cricket News
22 May 2018

KGS Cricket News

Image of I1 Detectives
11 May 2018

I1 Detectives

Image of U11 Boys Cricket
11 May 2018

U11 Boys Cricket

Image of KGJS Coffee Concert
27 April 2018

KGJS Coffee Concert

Image of KGJS Ski Trip
27 April 2018

KGJS Ski Trip

Image of U14 v Merchant Taylors'
17 April 2018

U14 v Merchant Taylors'

Image of KGJS Charity Triathlon
17 April 2018

KGJS Charity Triathlon

Image of KGJS Rugby News
4 April 2018

KGJS Rugby News

Image of Harry Potter Day
3 April 2018

Harry Potter Day

Image of WWII Tea Dance
3 April 2018

WWII Tea Dance

Image of KGS wins 7s Final
3 April 2018

KGS wins 7s Final

Image of Famous and Forgotten
3 April 2018

Famous and Forgotten

Image of KGJS Rugby News
13 March 2018

KGJS Rugby News

Image of KGJS Sports Roundup
6 March 2018

KGJS Sports Roundup

Image of Rail Safety
5 March 2018

Rail Safety

Image of KGS Rugby News and Honours
15 February 2018

KGS Rugby News and Honours

Image of KGJS Edinburgh Trip
12 February 2018

KGJS Edinburgh Trip

Image of Travelling by Tuba
12 February 2018

Travelling by Tuba

Image of KGS U14 Beat Altrincham
8 February 2018

KGS U14 Beat Altrincham

Image of NSPCC Number Day
5 February 2018

NSPCC Number Day

Image of Famous and Forgotten
5 February 2018

Famous and Forgotten

Image of Educating the Whole Person
1 February 2018

Educating the Whole Person

Image of Woodwind and Brass Assembly
25 January 2018

Woodwind and Brass Assembly

Image of KGS Rugby v Hutton Reports
17 January 2018

KGS Rugby v Hutton Reports

Image of NODA Nominations
11 January 2018

NODA Nominations

Image of Music and Singing Sessions
20 December 2017

Music and Singing Sessions

Image of Headmaster Swap
20 December 2017

Headmaster Swap

Image of KGS Hockey & Rugby News
19 December 2017

KGS Hockey & Rugby News

Image of KGJS Sports Report
12 December 2017

KGJS Sports Report

Image of Soldiers for the Day
7 December 2017

Soldiers for the Day

Image of KGJS Sports News
7 December 2017

KGJS Sports News

Image of KGS Sports Roundup
5 December 2017

KGS Sports Roundup

Image of J2 Castle Head Trip
27 November 2017

J2 Castle Head Trip

Image of KGJS Rugby
22 November 2017

KGJS Rugby

Image of KGS Hockey Matches
21 November 2017

KGS Hockey Matches

Image of St Mary's Hall Cross Country
21 November 2017

St Mary's Hall Cross Country

Image of KGJS Parenting Forum
16 November 2017

KGJS Parenting Forum

Image of KGJS Remembrance
16 November 2017

KGJS Remembrance

Image of Pedal for Pudsey
16 November 2017

Pedal for Pudsey

Image of A Variety of Junior Sports
14 November 2017

A Variety of Junior Sports

Image of U14 Regional Winners
14 November 2017

U14 Regional Winners

Image of U10s Rugby
26 September 2017

U10s Rugby

Image of U15s Beat Queen's Chester
26 September 2017

U15s Beat Queen's Chester

Image of U11s Display Rugby Talent
19 September 2017

U11s Display Rugby Talent

Image of 1st XI Beat Altrincham GS
19 September 2017

1st XI Beat Altrincham GS

Image of U13s Off To A Winning Start
19 September 2017

U13s Off To A Winning Start

Image of Rugby v Wirrall
16 September 2017

Rugby v Wirrall

Image of KGJS Welcome New I1s
8 September 2017

KGJS Welcome New I1s