School Curriculum - Music


At Kirkham Grammar School we aim to provide the opportunity for each pupil to develop their own musicianship, providing a range of opportunities for both performance and composition.  We aim to enable pupils to listen to a wide range of musical styles and to develop an understanding of world music.

We believe that music plays a central part in life and that a deeper understanding of music can help deepen the love of music for the individual.  ICT plays a central part in our work, with electronic keyboards being used throughout the school and PCs and Macs running Sibelius 8 software being used extensively.

Lower School

At Kirkham Grammar School our work is centred on musical contexts and courses that bring together the three elements of listening, composing and performing.

Middle School

GCSE Music


Board: AQA

The three elements covered in the Lower School (listening, composing, performing) are built upon in GCSE, with students undertaking listening work based upon four diverse genres of music.  A selection of compositional tasks is coupled with performing as a soloist and as an ensemble for final assessment.

Sixth Form - MUSIC


Board: AQA

A-level Music continues to build upon the three elements covered throughout GCSE  (appraising, composing and performing) with students undertaking listening work based upon the study of the Western Classical Tradition 1650 - 1910 and a choice of two areas of study. A selection of compositional and theoretical options is then coupled with a range of performing opportunities.


Musical activities include the Concert Band, Orchestra, Swing Band, String Group and Flute Group.  Pupils from the First Year upwards may join the School Choir.

There are numerous informal music ensembles in school including the Soprano Group.

The school has an annual series of formal concerts, which are held in Summerlee Hall, as well as Year Concerts and a series of monthly lunchtime Coffee Concerts that are held in the Recital Hall.

Visits to concerts are organised and members of the Fourth and Fifth Year and Sixth Form groups regularly visit the BBC in Manchester for Meet the Phil sessions.

Opportunities exist for students to perform as part of ensembles outside of school, which includes local choral societies, Band of the King's Division, local brass bands, as well as county youth ensembles and those of the RLPO and Hallé orchestras.




Flute Group

Monday 12:45pm

Recital Hall

Concert Band

Wednesday 12:45pm

Recital Hall


Thursday 12:45pm

Recital Hall

String Group

Friday 12:45pm

Recital Hall

Swing Band

Friday 1.10pm

Recital Hall

Soprano Group

Friday 10:15am

Recital Hall

Choir Practices




Tuesday 1:10pm

Recital Hall


Wednesday 8:30am

Recital Hall

Music Theory

Monday 1:10pm