The daily routine for our Infant and Junior pupils is as follows:


 7.30 am  Breakfast Club (optional)
 8.25 am  Morning Activities (optional)
 8.45 am  Registration
 8.50 am  Assembly
 9.10 am  Movement Time
 9.15 am  Period 1
 10.20 am  Break
 10.35 am  Period 2
 11.35 am  Period 3
 12.25 pm  Lunch
 1.25 pm  Form Time & Registration
 1.35 pm  Period 4
 2.25 pm  Break
 2.40 pm   Period 5
 3.30 pm  Guided Reading
 3.40 pm  Form Time
 3.50 pm  End of School Day
 3.50 pm  Late Room or Co-curricular Activities (optional)
 5.00 pm  Extended Late Room (optional)
 6.00 pm  End of Extended School Day



Our Breakfast Club opens at 7.30 am until 8.25 am. There is a selection of breakfast items available, as well as fun and games in a relaxed setting, all overseen by our KGS staff. At lunchtime, catering is provided on site, and all dietary needs are catered for. Our in-house catering team serve an array of choices for our pupils to select from, with the menus operating on a four-week cycle. The School day ends at 3.50 pm, but for parents who are unable to pick up their child/children at this time there is a Late Room facility until 6 pm.

Initially, Junior pupils attend Late Room up until 5.00 pm in one of the J2 classrooms, where they have the opportunity to complete their homework, access curriculum apps or read quietly, supervised by a member of staff. Infant pupils attend Late Room until 5.00 pm in one of the I2 classroom; this age group has the opportunity to engage in relaxing activities and unwind during this time, again supervised by a member of staff.

In both of these Late Rooms, pupils are provided with drinks and a sandwich after 4.20 pm. From 5.00 pm until 6.00 pm there is an extended Late Room in the School Hall for Infants and Juniors together. Pre-booking of our wraparound services are not required.

In addition to Breakfast Club and our Late Rooms, we also provide an array of co-curricular activities run by our KGS staff and external agencies. At the start of each term, parents are provided with a list of options to which they can sign their child/children up to. The morning clubs usually commence at 7.50 am, and pupils are subsequently escorted to the morning Registration by staff. Our after school clubs commence at 3.50 pm and run until 5 pm. Additionally, our Junior pupils may take part in a sports club during the lunch hour should they wish.

The lunch menus operate on a 4 week cycle. These can be viewed below...

Junior, Infant and Pre-School Lunch Menus