All former pupils and staff of the school are automatically admitted as members of the Association, which not only organises social events and reunions, but also raises and spends funds on projects which enhance and preserve the heritage of the school and provides bursary funds for current pupils. Former pupils are welcome and encouraged to take up fee-paying membership of the Association (£10 pa), which brings the benefit a twice-yearly mailing of the School and Association Magazine, The Kirkhamian, as well as postal notification of other events such as the Annual Dinner. A form for paid membership is available for download from this website.

Old Kirkhamians of all ages are to be found all over the world in a remarkable variety of walks of life. Common to all of them is that they have not simply followed the school motto 'Ingredere Ut Proficias' by making the most of the opportunities given to them by the school, but more significantly that they have profited society by making the most of their talents.

Successful Kirkhamians are to be found in all the traditional professions such as Law, Medicine, Engineering and Business, but are also to be found in areas as diverse as the media, journalism, catering, professional sport, the theatre, the clergy, the armed forces and archaeology. They are particularly well represented in teaching, with hundreds of Old Kirkhamians in every sector of primary, secondary and higher education, both in the UK and around the world. This is no coincidence: those who enjoy school are likely to enjoy teaching others, and Kirkhamians of all ages profess great enjoyment of their schooldays.

The Old Kirkhamians’ Association was founded in 1921 by the legendary Headmaster Rev’d Cresswell Strange, and has existed ever since as a way of bringing together those whose formative years have been guided by the school.

The Association is governed by a Committee of former pupils, who appoint a President as well as an Honorary Treasurer, with secretarial support provided by a member of the School’s secretariat.

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