Headmistress’s Welcome

Kirkham Grammar Junior, Infant and Pre-School offers children from 3 - 11 years an environment where they come first in every element of our decision making. Thus, during their time with us, each pupil has an impact on the direction of Kirkham Grammar School as a whole. They are cognisant of the unique talents that they have, and the important role that they play within our school, the community and the wider world. First and foremost, our aim is that a KGS pupil feels safe and happy, and that we instil in them a passion and drive to succeed.

Our School Values encourage our pupils to be curious and determined, and overarching these everyone is expected to be kind. The KGS teaching and support staff act as outstanding role models, promoting the importance of being good humoured, having a positive outlook and making a difference. I am very fortunate indeed to have an exceptional team of teachers within the Junior, Infant and Pre-School who are highly qualified, specialise in a range of subjects and have a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise. They expertly guide and support every pupil in their care, whether that be in relation to pupil wellbeing, personal development or academic attainment and progress. This enables our pupils to feel empowered to take risks with their learning, attempt challenges and develop resilience in a range of circumstances; all essential to the many and varied experiences that life will present to them during their childhood and beyond. 

Sport enriches our pupils’ experience of School life, alongside positively impacting their attitude and approach to learning. Irrespective of age, a KGS pupil encounters a variety of sporting opportunities including dance, cricket and football, for example, alongside rugby and hockey. Fixtures against external schools aim to develop the confidence of those less experienced in competing, alongside giving them a taste of healthy rivalry in a collaborative and supportive environment. Those that are ready for more intense competition are afforded a range of experiences and fixtures to promote their skills and talents.

Co-curricular opportunities take place prior to and after school, in addition to the lunch hour. These activities foster positive relationships with each other, in addition to promoting their self-worth. Every experience we provide is an opportunity for them to learn more about themselves and develop in countless ways as a consequence. Throughout the course of the year we therefore also host various internal events and competitions, day excursions and residentials such as Verse Speaking, our Young Musician of the Year event, or perhaps a ski trip or visit to the theatre. 

Our vivacious and determined pupils, supported by our passionate and committed KGS staff, positively permeate the entire culture and ethos of our very special school. As Mrs Parkinson states, every child travels through our school only once and deserves the very best. Given the right start in life at Kirkham Grammar Junior, Infant and Pre-School, every child is truly capable of achieving great things. I guarantee that a KGS pupil will acquire a vast knowledge of the world around them, and become well equipped to independently manage and navigate their future. I am determined that every child thrives during, and profits from, their time with us at Kirkham Grammar Junior, Infant and Pre-School.

Ingredere ut Proficias

Mrs Kirsten O’Donoghue, Headmistress