Kirkham Grammar School: steeped in history dating back to 1549 with HMC status. Committed to the holistic educational experience: academic excellence coupled with a strong emphasis on pastoral care and exceptional co-curricular opportunities and doing it well.

KGS has a distinctive atmosphere – that family feeling of caring, evident upon visiting the school, encourages pupils to develop good relationships with those around them. We have built a community where everyone is accepted for their unique selves, enabling them to pursue their individual interests freely.

Ingredere ut Proficias

For me, our motto is about getting stuck in and through that immersion in all that KGS offers becoming a better person.

Belonging to clubs and societies, being part of a team, going on a school trip, having that favourite place to go to in school and mixing with good influences enables the development of talents, interests and life skills. Our pupils are encouraged to express emotions, understand boundaries, have aspirations, get organised – in short: cope! Add to this the opportunity to be part of the House System, Combined Cadet Force (CCF) and Duke of Edinburgh programme and you have young people developing character, resilience, clear values and the ability to think on their feet. The high level of professionalism at Kirkham Grammar School ensures that our pupils realise their academic potential. External examination performance always exceeds the national average with most moving on to university or degree apprenticeships. We produce young people confident from the inside out. Young people capable of using their talents to genuinely try and be of use, or succeed at the task in hand. Young people who are well grounded - never arrogant.

Kirkham Grammar School has gained significant recognition for its achievements in the realm of sports; however, our standing in the fields of music and drama is rapidly ascending. With a comprehensive academic curriculum, including the recent addition of Classical Civilizations A Level this year, we pride ourselves on providing an all-encompassing educational experience, often referred to as 'the Perfect Package.'

Mrs Deborah Parkinson