School Curriculum - History


"If you don't know History, then you don't know anything, you are a leaf that doesn't know it is part of a tree" - Michael Crichton - Timeline.

History is a stimulating and enjoyable experience and it is the aim of the department to develop the following objectives:

  • To stimulate an interest and enthusiasm of studying the past.
  • To allow each student to develop an understanding of how the modern world has developed.
  • To develop an understanding of different peoples in different times.
  • To develop an understanding of course and consequence, similarity and difference, continuity and change.
  • To develop study skills including the ability to locate, record and organise information and to construct a logical argument.
  • To understand that historians have different opinions of events and understand how and why they have occurred.
  • To develop an interest and enjoyment of the past and the many varied ways in which it manifests itself.
  • To allow students to develop their communication skills, both written and oral through group work and/or working alone.

Overall the aim is to develop and enrich each student's educational experience through the study of history using lively, interesting and stimulating methods.

Lower School

In the First Year we cover the following topics:

What is History?  History of Kirkham Grammar School, The Norman Invasion, 

The Medieval World; Castles, Town and Village life and The Black Death.

In the Second Year we cover:

Tudors and Stuarts – including Henry VIII, Elizabeth I; The Armada, Witches, James I and Gunpowder Plot, Charles I and Civil War, Native Americans.

In the Third Year we cover:

Industrial Revolution, Protests and Luddites, Peterloo, Political Reform and Suffragettes, Slavery and Civil Rights in the USA, World War I and World War II.

Middle School

GCSE History


Board: Edexcel

Key elements are:

Medicine through time; Richard I and King John; Superpower relations and the Cold War 1941-91; Weimar and Nazi Germany 1918-39.

Sixth Form - HISTORY


Board: OCR

Lower Sixth Form elements are:

Russia 1894 – 1941

Britain 1900 – 1951

Upper Sixth Form elements are:

Historical Investigation

Popular Culture and the Witchcraze in 16th and 17th Century Europe and North America.