School Curriculum - Biology


Biology is a subject that affects many aspects of our lives, such as the food we eat, our health and interactions with the environment.  We aim to foster a keen interest in human body systems and natural history and an awareness of the exciting developments occurring in biotechnology, microbiology and medicine.

An investigative approach, through practical work, is encouraged in all year groups which, together with project work and presentations, develops a broad understanding of scientific principles.

Lower School


The course for First Year pupils includes an introduction to using investigative methods, the use of a compound microscope, cell structure, variation amongst living organisms, reproduction of humans and other animals, ecology and the skeleton and movement.

The course for Second Year pupils revolves mainly around human life processes, including nutrition and health, feeding and digestion, respiration, movement and exercise, effects of smoking and alcohol on human health and homeostasis.

The course for Third Year pupils continues to develop the pupils' investigative mathematical and graphical skills, with a great deal of practical work being incorporated into the curriculum.  Topics include photosynthesis, plant transport, human heart and circulation, microbes and disease and ecology.

Middle School

GCSE Science


Board: AQA

Biology is taught as a separate subject to all students, with examinations being taken at the end of the Fifth Year for those studying for (Combined Science) Trilogy or Biology.  The practical element of the course is delivered through the requirement to undertake a range of practicals throughout the two year course.

Sixth Form - BIOLOGY

BTEC Applied Science


First Year – Blackpool Zoo Trip

First Year – Biology Bake Off

Third Year – Biology Challenge

Sixth Form Ecology Field Trip – Rhyd-y-creuau

Lower Sixth – Biology Live

Lower Sixth Field Trip – venue TBC

Upper Sixth – Nowgen Genetics Workshop

Upper Sixth – Biology Olympian

Upper Sixth – Revision Day

Upper Sixth – Revision Webinars

Upper Sixth – Maths for Biologists Day

Science Week including chick hatching

Biology Week – Junior/Senior Quiz