The pastoral system is an exceptionally strong feature at KGS which excels in the care that it takes for its pupils’ welfare. In addition to Mrs Walter, Deputy Head, in charge of pastoral care, a member of the Senior Leadership Team is assigned to each year group. There are also Heads of Year, Form Tutors, Head of Boarding (Pastoral) who are all part of the pastoral team. A central principle underlying the school's pastoral system is that young people are most likely to be successful academically if they feel secure in their school environment. To this end, Kirkham Grammar School gives great weight to the importance of effective induction and on-going guidance for each student in order to try to ensure that each young person is both happy and successful. A number of staff across the Foundation have received training in Mental Health First Aid to support our pupils’ wellbeing and recognise early signs of difficulty.

Pupils are conscious of the school’s emphasis on pastoral care and parents are very supportive.

The senior school pastoral system is divided into three main sections:

  • The Lower School Key Stage 3: (11–14 years old)
  • The Middle School Key Stage 4: (14–16 years old) GCSEs
  • The Sixth Form Key Stage 5: (16–18 years old) A Levels

Pastoral care in the senior school begins in the year prior to entry, when new boys and girls entering the first year are visited by the Head of Year whilst still at their junior school. Parents are invited to attend Open Day and Open Evening early on in the year and are again invited in as the Induction Programme commences in June. This provides an introduction to the school and a very important opportunity to meet the staff and ask questions.

Once at school the first years are encouraged to attend the annual Clubs and Societies Fair. KGS offers a wide variety of activities to participate in during lunchtimes and after school. The new first year cohort is divided into four form groups. The form tutor is the first point of call for all pastoral issues and parents are encouraged to contact tutors if they have any concerns.

The house system is another important aspect of pastoral life at Kirkham Grammar School. All pupils meet weekly in one of four house groups made up of pupils from the first year to the sixth form. This vertical structure provides an extra support layer for pupils who are encouraged to get to know their older peers. The Whitby Cup is awarded to the house that gains the most points in the inter-house competitions that take place all through the year. Competition is fierce with house captains from the sixth form providing the wise words and impetus to get everyone involved.

As pupils advance through the school they are provided with many opportunities to develop their leadership and team skills through: School Council (Pupil Voice), mentor roles, prefects, captains of sport, house and school, CCF and the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. Great care is taken as students move from one Key Stage to the next to ensure a smooth transition. The transition from Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 4 is marked by the transfer of responsibility to the Middle School and by a comprehensive transition programme which begins in the third year. The Head of Sixth Form oversees the transition from Key Stage 4 to the Sixth Form. A comprehensive induction programme is provided for students prior to entering the Sixth Form. Nearly all of the GCSE students at Kirkham Grammar School progress into the sixth form where they are joined by students from other schools and colleges who have been successful in applying for a place in the sixth form.

At Kirkham Grammar School we believe the pastoral organisation of the school is very effective in what it sets out to achieve: a secure environment in which all students are valued, and in which they can be successful and reach their potential. Three school rules are promoted throughout the Senior School. Pupils are expected to be READY to learn, RESPONSIBLE in their actions and behaviour and be RESPECTFUL to each other and the environment.

The catering at Kirkham Grammar School is provided by our own in-house team led by the catering manager, Mr Vevers. Healthy, nutritious meals are served in the Dining Hall which is furnished to a high standard and provides pleasant surroundings for pupils and staff to socialise during lunch.

Medical Centre

The medical centre is a base where pupils and staff from the Senior, Junior and Pre-School can get medical advice/ care and First Aid during the school day. It is hoped that by addressing any health issues on site it a) allows pupils to continue with the school day and b) reduces the risk of widespread illness by identifying early symptoms.

The centre is managed by two members of staff with nursing qualifications and experience, wearing uniforms for ease of identification. These are referred to as ‘surgery managers.’ As well as administering First Aid, they provide a listening ear to pupils experiencing emotional problems/ worries as well as and liaise closely with teaching staff and professional bodies as required. Confidentiality is never promised and children are encouraged to consider who might be in the best position to help them.

The Deputy Head (Pastoral) works closely with the Surgery Managers to share pupil concerns and discuss possible support. An Independent Listener is another layer of support for our pupils. She is booked to come into school on a weekly basis and appointments are made through the Deputy Head Pastoral.


School Policy indicates that pupils are not to carry medication with them unless it is an asthma inhaler, insulin or epipen. Prescribed medicines and specialised non-prescriptive medicine, including pain relief, are administered by the medical staff. All medicines are held securely and pupils attend the medical centre when required. Parental consent forms are required for this service.


KGS has an asthma policy which is regulated by Asthma UK for all schools nationally. It is extremely important that medical staff are given up to date information regarding a child’s condition. We recognise that asthma is a widespread, serious but controllable condition affecting many pupils. Our pupils are encouraged to achieve their potential in all aspects of school life by having a clear policy in place, understood by all.

In keeping with the aims of the policy, parents are expected to inform the school of any asthma attacks the previous day/ evening so that staff are prepared for any potential problems.

Parents may leave a message via the medical centre number on 01772 688114.

Care Plans

Care plans are in place for children who suffer from various allergies/ conditions which allow the surgery managers to be prepared for a possible emergency situation should one arise. Parents are asked to contact the medical staff if they identify that their child would benefit from this service.

Keeping up to date

In order to safeguard our pupils in school it is important that parents/ guardians make the surgery managers aware of any illness/ deterioration in existing conditions.

Please contact us for advice or to report any concerns

Medical Centre Contact 01772 688114

Monday-Friday 9.00 am - 4.00 pm

KGS Medical Centre

Pastoral Documents

Pastoral Resources

At KGS we understand and value the importance of supporting our pupils by working together with parents, and sharing information about how they can help support and promote good mental health for their children.

To help with the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development of our pupils, we would like to share a range of video and written resources that cover some of the key ideas from our work in school and present them in ways that can be used at home. 

We hope that you will find the resources helpful.


Useful Videos To Support Wellbeing

Useful Links to Support Wellbeing

Visit the Headspace website for guided meditations, animations, articles and videos, all in the distinct Headspace style. You can try Headspace for yourself and learn the essentials of meditation and mindfulness with our free Basics course. If you enjoy it, then it’s time to subscribe. Once you do, you’ll have bite-sized minis for when you’re short on time, exercises to add extra mindfulness to your day, and hundreds of meditations on everything from stress to sleep.

Calm is a meditation and Sleep App that you can try for free.

Smiling Mind is a mediation app. Its purpose is to equip ‘young people with the integral skills they need to thrive in life’ by teaching them the skills of mindfulness meditation.

A fitness app that includes yoga, meditation, HIIT and Barre. It’s free until the end of July if you sign in using your school email.

The following websites offer advice and on how to support your mental health

Their purpose to ‘stop young people’s mental health reaching crisis point’

Their mission ‘to make sure all young people can get the mental health support they need, when they need it, no matter what.’

This website has specific tips and expert advice to help you look after your mental health and wellbeing if you are feeling worried or anxious about coronavirus or are feeling anxious in general.

This website has videos, articles and information, giving advice on how to look after your wellbeing.

Children’s Commissioner


Description: a downloadable guide for children about coronavirus.

Useful Pastoral Links To Help You Support Your Children’s Wellbeing

Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families

Website: Description: wellbeing advice for all those supporting children and young people.

British Psychological Society (BPS) 


Description: advice on dealing with school closures and talking to children about COVID-19.



Description: an educational resource for all adults on children and young people’s mental health.

The Child Bereavement Network


Description: advice on supporting grieving children during the coronavirus outbreak.

Useful Online Safety Links for Parents

Here are some resources and websites designed to help you keep your children safe whenever they use technology away from school.



Get Safe online:


Digital Parenting magazine

Internet Matters

NSPCC Net Aware

Advice on setting up Parental Controls:

Online Safety Guide

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