School Curriculum - Chemistry


Chemistry occupies a central position amongst the Science subjects.  On the one hand it is linked to Physics through Physical Chemistry whilst on the other to Biology through Organic Chemistry.

Chemistry is of fundamental importance in many careers such Medicine, Pharmacy, Agriculture, Petrochemicals, etc, and the disciplines of the subject make it well accepted as a basis for other non-science based careers such as Law and Accountancy.

At Kirkham Grammar School we aim to make the study of the subject both interesting and enjoyable whilst at the same time developing essential skills, knowledge and an awareness of the importance of Chemistry to life.

Lower School

In the Lower School Chemistry is taught separately to the other sciences in modern well equipped laboratories.  The course is designed to be informative and enjoyable and as such is practically based with pupils encouraged to think for themselves in a scientific and logical manner.

Middle School

GCSE Science


Board: AQA

Chemistry is taught as a separate subject to all students, with examinations being taken in the Fifth Year for those studying Combined Science (Trilogy) and Chemistry at GCSE.

Sixth Form - CHEMISTRY


Board: AQA

At A-level, Paper 1 examines the relevant Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and Practical Skills.

Paper 2 examines the relevant Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Practical Skills.

Paper 3 examines any of the content and any Practical Skills.  The A-level examinations will all be taken at the end of the A-level course.  It is a linear course.

BTEC Applied Science


First and Second Year: Science Club
Fourth and Fifth Year: Chemistry Support Club
Sixth Form:

RSC Olympiad

RSC Chemistry in a Suitcase

Visits to local University Departments

Visits to local University Departments