Image of First Year Drama
8 May 2019

First Year Drama

Image of Letter from The Queen!
13 March 2019

Letter from The Queen!

Image of Dramatic Monologues
11 January 2019

Dramatic Monologues

Image of Wind in the Willows
27 November 2018

Wind in the Willows

Image of KGS Lessons
5 November 2018

KGS Lessons

Image of KGS Rugby Dublin Tour
5 November 2018

KGS Rugby Dublin Tour

Image of Creating Tableaux
1 October 2018

Creating Tableaux

Image of KGS Drama
28 September 2018

KGS Drama

Image of A-Level Drama
11 September 2018

A-Level Drama

Image of NODA North West Award
21 June 2018

NODA North West Award