31 March 2023

Image of Life is a cabaret, old chum! Come to the Cabaret…

Kirkham Grammar School's Drama Department welcomed guests to our 'Cabaret' style evening last night.

The event showcased a wide range of talents from pupils from First Year through to Upper Sixth and was split into two acts that featured singing and dancing as well as devised, scripted and musical performances.

Earlier this year, in January, the pupils began to collaborate to create acts which guests enjoyed as part of last night's showcase. They had worked extremely hard to make sure that each act captured their passion and talent outside of the classroom.

 A selection of photographs can now be viewed on our Flickr page at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/kgsphotos/albums/72177720307136646

Congratulations to all of those pupils who performed...a wonderful evening of talent! 

Tags: drama music 2022-2023