KGS has an updated strategy for ensuring that all pupils in the First to Upper Sixth Year have access to accurate, up-to-date careers guidance that is presented in an impartial manner, with age-appropriate material, which enables them to make informed choices about a broad range of career options. The Careers programme seeks to encourage every pupil to explore all career areas which are open to school leavers generally, as well as access to post-16 and higher education, regardless of the gender, cultural background or diversity group of the pupil.

KGS Careers

In April 2023, the school invested in Unifrog and their careers programme, which will be used throughout the school year in conjunction with the provision already offered through the PSHE programme. The Careers team have reached out to the school community for support with the Careers programme and have been overwhelmed by their support. We look forward to working with parents and OKAs on the new programme starting in Sept 2023. If you would like to be added to our database, click the link to access the form:  EOI Form

During First and Second Year, each pupil is given the opportunity to understand more about themselves and to start to think about planning for the future, plus start to build their interests profile within Unifrog.

In the Third Year, pupils follow a programme of activities designed to enable them to make informed and timely decisions about their selection of GCSE subjects.

In the Fourth Year pupils are encouraged to explore all possible avenues relating to their area of interest. They undertake a series of activities in preparation for the important decisions which they will take in the Fifth Year. 

All Fifth Year pupils are interviewed individually by the Head of Careers or the Sixth Form team to discuss careers issues, Sixth Form options and further education in general.  The Sixth Form Open Evening provides an extra opportunity for consultation and help with decision-making.

In the Sixth Form, detailed guidance and preparation for entrance to higher education or employment is provided by the Careers Department, the Head of Sixth Form, Tutors and subject teachers.  All pupils attend a Higher Education Conference and various visits to universities are organised throughout the school year.  In addition, they have access to all the activities that are organised by the Careers Department which include an International University Fair in April, external speakers and an apprenticeship evening in September. Pupils are encouraged to take advantage of the extended summer break and complete courses online via MOOCs accessible on Unifrog and try to source work experience opportunities either virtually or in person, where appropriate.

At KGS, we seek to ensure that we prepare our young men and women for the world of work. We place a huge amount of emphasis on co-curricular activities and the building of skills and confidence that employers recognise as so vital. Throughout the year a series of events are run, predominantly aimed at our KS4/5 pupils along with invitations for parents to attend.

Our ‘Career Hub’ in the library is well-stocked and up-to-date and provides a wealth of easily accessible information about future careers including: generic guides, specific guides, university prospectuses, application guides, age-appropriate resources and more. This facility is available to all year groups.

Useful Links

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Careers Google Classroom Code: lzdel52

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