21 April 2023

Image of Lytham Performing Arts Festival

The Lytham Performing Arts Festival takes place annually over the course of a weekend, and is a celebration of music, speech and drama. Kirkham Grammar School pupils had multiple entries in all of the relevant categories across both the Junior and Senior School. Credit must be given to each and every single performer, whether that be instrumental, singing or verse and prose. To stand up in front of adjudicators and an unknown parental audience can be somewhat daunting, but each and every pupil presented with the usual KGS quiet modesty, and we are sure they all took something away from experience and will continue to refine their individual performances. The KGS community should be incredibly proud of every entrant; we have an array of talented pupils who truly shone.

Congratulations to you all.

The results were as follows:

Junior School:

Nia Murusidze           2nd place - Solo (b) Violin (age 11 and under)
Henry Dawson-Gerrard    3rd place - Solo (a) Strings (age 11 and under)
Eli O'Donoghue          2nd place - Solo Guitar (age 11 and under)
Raurie Sumner          3rd place - Solo Guitar (age 11 and under)
Leo Crossen            3rd place -  Solo Guitar (age 11 and under)
Mariam Omer            3rd place - Music Theatre, 3rd place - Classical British Song & 2nd place - Classical, own choice (age 9 and under)
Sophia Billington      1st place - Classical British Song, 2nd place - Classical, own choice & 2nd place - Music Theatre (age 9 and under)             
Annabelle Mcilwham      1st place - Classical British Song (age 12 and under) & 2nd place - Verse Speaking (age 10 and 11)
Henry Chapman          3rd place - Classical British Song & 2nd place - Classical, Own Choice (age 12 and under)
Florence Kerr          3rd place - Piano Grades 1 and 2 
Hattie Walker          1st  place - Music Theatre Singing (age 12 and under)
Beatrice Faith          3rd place any Comedy Poem or Prose Passage (age 11 and under)
Skyla Lynch            1st place Verse Speaking (age 10 and 11)
Isla Varley            1st place Drama Solo (age 11 and under)
Fatimah Omer            2nd place Drama Solo (age 11 and under)
Senior School (LAMDA)
Olivia Coupe            1st place Drama Solo & 1st place Prepared Reading (15-18 years)
Jay Dawson              2nd place Prepared Reading & 1st place Comedy Poem/Prose Passage (12-14 years)
Francesca Durston      1st place Drama Duologue & 3rd place Drama Solo (12-14 years)
Isabella Durston        1st place Sight Reading (14-18 years), 1st place Public Speaking (18 & under), 2nd place Drama Solo (12-14 years) & 1st place Solo Improvisation (18 & under)
Leoma Gill              2nd place Drama Duologue (15-18 years)
Rosa Gill              1st place Drama Duologue (12-14 years)
Chloe Koratjitis         2nd place Verse Speaking (12-14 years)
Marissa Kerr            1st place Prepared Reading (12-14 years) & 1st place Sight Reading (13 & under)
Evie Mannion            1st place Favourite Poem (13 & under)
Lilly Miles            1st place Verse Speaking & 2nd place Prepared Reading (12-14 years)
Tilly Musson            2nd place Sonnet Speaking & 3rd place Shakespeare Solo (18 & under)
Hannah Pilkington      2nd place Comedy Poem/Prose Passage (12-14 years) & 2nd place Drama Duologue (15-18 years)
Ella Phelan            3rd place Sonnet Speaking (18 & under)
Melissa Johnson-Parker 1st place Drama Duologue (15-18 years)
Natalie Smith           1st place Drama Duologue (15-18 years)
Amelia Sharpe          3rd place Favourite Poem (14-18 years)
Louisa Seacy            2nd place Public Speaking (18 & under)
Isaac Wan              3rd place Favourite Poem (13 & under)
Shahmeer Amir 1st place Devised Drama Group (Age blunder)


Senior School (Music)

George Godbold          Grade 5 & 6 Piano – 1st place, 16 + under Piano – 3rd place, 18 + under Baroque – 3rd & 18 + under Piano Solo – 2nd place
Mia Gisslow            13 + under Solo Piano – 1st place
Jasmine Squires-Evans   12 + over instrumental – (trombone)- 1st place & Open Jazz piano – 2nd place
Heidi Aldeen            12 + over instrumental (violin)- 3rd place
Emily Marsh            15+ under Classical own choice – 3rd place, 18+ under Classical own choice – 2nd place & 15+ under Folk Song – 3rd place
Gabrielle Wise          11+ under Classical British Song – 2nd place & 11+ under Classical own choice – 3rd place
Brooke Medhurst         13+ under Musical Theatre – 1st place & 13+ under Classical own choice – 3rd place
Trishala Akundi        13+ under Classical own choice – 2nd place
Alice Wright            13+ under Classical British Song – 2nd place


Please see the photograph at the top of this page, and the slideshow below, featuring some of our winners/performers.






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