20 April 2023

Image of Junior Cricket Tour 2023 to Barbados

During the Easter holidays, twenty-three pupils and four members of staff embarked on a 10 day 'trip of a lifetime' cricket tour to Barbados.

It was the first time that the school had organised a long haul junior cricket tour and upon arrival at Manchester Airport there was an air of excitement at the prospect of an overseas tour. The boys enjoyed the inflight entertainment and made an excellent impression on their fellow passengers. Upon arrival at the All Seasons Resort, the boys settled into their surroundings before enjoying their first taste of Barbadian cuisine.

The next day, the boys took part in a gentle practice session led by the KGS Head of Cricket, Mr Lyon, at the Maple Cricket Club. It was a great venue for their first taste of cricket on the island. Grass nets and fielding on the outfield allowed them all to experience how different the cricket conditions are in Barbados. This training demonstrated that the tour would involve plenty of learning curves and challenging cricket conditions.

Over five game days, two squads clocked a total of ten well-played matches.
During the week, the group thoroughly enjoyed the Caribbean lifestyle and hospitality. An evening at Oistins Fish Fry gave the tour party the opportunity to sample some of the freshest fried fish Barbados has to offer, with a choice of marlin, mahi-mahi, flying fish, swordfish and tuna, as well as enjoying some local entertainment.

During a mid-week rest day, the party were delighted to get the chance to experience a Jeep Safari, which showcased some 'off the beaten track' places and the true beauty of an island steeped in history. It was also a fascinating insight into the history of sugar farming and the slave trade. Afterwards, the boys enjoyed an afternoon of beach activities before enjoying more local cuisine at the Surfside Restaurant and Bar.

The last full day of the tour was a rest day spent on a catamaran cruise. Anchoring at the beautiful All Seasons Resort was a particular highlight, and being able to watch the monkeys on their daily walk!

Our final duty was to host the tour awards. Each squad delivered their own set of awards alongside some tour reflections which generated numerous laughs and team comradery. 'Cricketer of the Tour' was awarded to Theo Smith, 'Performance Player of the Tour' went to captain, Stan Collinson, 'Development Player of the Tour' went to Brodie Black and 'Clubman of the Tour' went to a very popular choice, Freddie Boocock.

After packing so much in, in a short space of time, a relaxing final morning gave everyone the opportunity to soak up the last few hours of Caribbean sunshine and prepare for the journey back to school.

A selection of photographs can be viewed on our KGS Flickr page at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/kgsphotos/albums/72177720307645625

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