19 February 2024

Image of Third Year Trip to the International Slavery Museum, Liverpool

Third Year Trip to the International Slavery Museum, Liverpool - review by Cerys, 3Z

My review of the museum visit - 5 stars

I recently visited the International Slavery Museum on a school trip with Kirkham Grammar School. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and found that I learnt a great deal about slavery and Liverpool’s role in it. Before my visit, I didn’t know much about slavery, only about how many enslaved people were traded from Africa, for goods such as sugar, cotton and tobacco. I found that the museum was very interesting, it was filled with fascinating artefacts and information, and also had a number of interactive things, such as the variety of music from different places that you could listen to. On the day, I learnt a lot. For example, during the Handling session, I learnt about how many slaves were traded for cowrie shells, which were very rare. Additionally, I found out that the better enslaved people were at things, the more they sold for, and also children born to slaves were automatically enslaved and could be sold. For example, we found in some records that there was a one year old, who was described as a promising young boy. I learnt about the Transatlantic Slave trade, how slaves were treated and even saw what life was life for Africans before slavery.

On the trip, we had a handling session and got to look around the gallery. It was fantastic. The handling session was very good as it gave us lots of information and facts about slavery. They taught us to look at slavery from different people’s points of view. We got to look at some artefacts and records which were very intriguing. In addition, we got to look around the gallery, which I loved. It was full of artefacts and information, from the lives of Africans to the transatlantic slave trade. It was fascinating to walk around and take in facts and information. The museum was very well organised, with everything in the right place, so it was an incredible experience to go to. The museum opened my eyes up and I really began to understand what it must have been like to be enslaved.

I would definitely recommend a visit- it’s a fascinating way to learn about slavery.

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