19 June 2023

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The Quadkid Athletics Competition (KGS team pictured above)

On Monday 12 June, Kirkham Grammar School's Junior Athletics Team travelled to Stanley Park for The Quadkid Athletics Competition. 

The competition, with a total of 13 schools taking part, saw their J1 and J2 athletes compete in a 50m sprint, 400m run, standing long jump and mini vortex howler throw. The J3 and J4 athletes competed in a 75m sprint, 600m run, standing long jump and vortex howler throw. 

The team performed well throughout the competition, showing their athleticism and competitive edge. The J1 and J2 team achieved 5th place and J3 and J4 team finished in 3rd place. 

North West Regional B Final Track and Field Cup

The Junior Boys' Athletics Team were crowned champions at the Track and Field Cup North West Regional B Final. The team really worked for one another on what was the hottest day of the year so far.

On the day Ziada Hassan was impressive in the 100m; Leo Paraskeva was joint first in the high jump; Beau Ince won the javelin; Jack Gillet won the 200m; Harry Lawson had an excellent run in the 800m; and Edward Jolley got a new personal best in the triple jump. This was an outstanding team performance against some tough opposition. The Kirkham boys did their school proud.


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