16 June 2023

Image of J1 Transported back to Roman Times at Chester's DEVA Experience

Just before half time, Kirkham Grammar School J1 pupils had a fantastic trip to the DEVA Roman Experience in Chester.

The children were transported back to Roman times where they travelled across the sea to the Roman Fortress of Deva. They boarded a ship and learnt why the Romans invaded Britain and built the fortress of DEVA. They also learnt what it was like to be a Roman soldier nearly 2000 years ago. They were then enlisted to the Roman Army, where they met a veteran of the legion who put them through their paces as they worked as a team. They marched through Chester, chanting and carrying their shield as a military formation.

Well done, J1 - you were a credit to yourselves and the school. Your enthusiasm and knowledge from your lessons shone through.

Tags: infantsandjuniors 2022-2023