11 January 2017

Image of 18 New DofE Awards

We are delighted to announce 18 new DofE Awards.

Bronze Award:
Matthew Cooke
Thomas Giles
Cameron Hawkes
Charlotte McDonald
Hugo Morris
Alexandra Oddie
Charles Partington
Tom Treaddell

Silver Award:
Philippa Armstrong
Danielle Begley
Francesca Furnival
Isabel Kavanagh
Eleanor Moss

Gold Award:
Sian Atkinson
Jack Culver
Hannah Fingleton
Caroline Paley
Cara Townsend

All our recipients have worked incredibly hard for their Awards and it is so wonderful to report that all 5 of the Gold Awards have been achieved by students who have completed all levels of the DofE Award Scheme whilst at KGS. They have shown dedication, hard work and resilience throughout and they are very deserved recipients of this prestigious award.

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