1 February 2024

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Pictured above: U11 Rugby v St Mary's Hall


KGS U12A v Stockport Grammar School  

Kirkham Grammar School U12A team (pictured below) put out another spectacular performance working as an incredibly solid unit. Townley was solid at left midfield making things very difficult for the Stockport attack. Hargreaves and Faith linked up well to set Murro through on goal. The goals just kept comping with conversions from both open play and well worked short corner routines. It was not all one-way traffic with both Butler-Reid's in defence making some excellent tackles and Cubbins making crucial saves in goal. The final score was 11-0 to KGS - a real team effort and outstanding result!

KGS U12B v Stockport Grammar School

Kirkham Grammar School U12 squad (pictured left) got off to a fine start taking total control of the game v Stockport Grammar School. Great teamwork was evident throughout with Walls controlling from the back. Grice played some excellent balls down the left of the pitch allowing Airton to attack goal. Butcher had some great opportunities through on goal, as did Branthwaite. A well-worked short corner resulted in the first conversion of the game. The players continued to make attacking runs allowing for the second goal of the game. Some excellent saves from Barrow kept Stockport GS out throughout the second half. Final score 2-1 to Kirkham Grammar School.

KGS U13A v Stockport Grammar School 

Kirkham Grammar School U13A (pictured below right) team lost 2-1 to Stockport in an even game. Player availability meant a reshuffle in midfield that took KGS a while to get to grips with. Stockport took the lead after a defensive mixed up allowed a free shot one on one in the D. KGS equalised from a deflected short corner just before half time with Maclean-Bristol getting her stick in the way of a strike to deflect the ball past the Stockport keeper. Both sides had chances but could not break the deadlock before half time. The second half continued in a similar vein with both sides getting into attacking areas well but struggling to test either goalkeeper. Stockport scored a winning goal from a straight strike at a short corner with the KGS defence slow to react.

KGS U13B v Stockport Grammar School

Kirkham Grammar School U13B team (pictured right) had another fantastic result on Saturday at Stockport Grammar School creating several opportunities through on goal. The defence worked tirelessly to take vital tackles and support the forward line enroute to goal. The team converted early and followed up with a further six goals. Burrows scored a hat trick with Thompson, Jennings and Mackenzie following up with some excellent finishes. Final score 7-1 to Kirkham Grammar School.

KGS U14s v Stockport Grammar School 

In a thrilling field hockey match marked by adaptability and determination, Kirkham Grammar School U14s (pictured left) faced formidable challenges at the start as injuries forced players to take on different positions. Despite this hurdle, the girls displayed remarkable adaptability, maintaining possession and thwarting the opposition's advances. From the initial whistle, it was evident that our team dominated possession, executing strategic plays and launching quick breaks. Notable performances from Melling and Schofield demonstrated skill and finesse, although the coveted breakthrough in the form of a goal remained elusive. Undeterred, the team persisted with a determined approach, and the breakthrough finally came when Stirrup capitalized on a well-placed cross, converting it into a goal. The collective effort and hard work were paying off, putting us in the lead. As the second half commenced, the team continued to command the ball, displaying fluid movements and coordinated passes. However, a stroke of bad luck struck when Stockport had a fortunate break, putting us on the back foot. With players hustling to track back, a swift counter-attack led to the opposition's equalising goal. Despite the setback, both teams continued to battle fiercely, each displaying resilience and skill. The match concluded with a hard-fought 1-1 draw, a testament to the competitive spirit and determination on both sides.

U15 National Plate Round 2 - KGS v Queen Margaret School

On Monday afternoon, Kirkham Grammar School U15 team faced off against Queen Margaret School in the highly anticipated second round of the National Plate. Right from the whistle, KGS girls displayed their determination and skill, dominating the field with exceptional play. Utilising the full width of the pitch, KGS created ample space, effectively dismantling the defence strategies of Queen Margaret School. Their ability to spread the play wide not only opened up the pitch but also carved out numerous scoring opportunities. The team's cohesive effort was evident as they seamlessly transitioned between attacking and defending, ensuring a solid front against any offensive attempts by their opponents. Central to the first-half action was A. Bunday, who played a pivotal role as the central attacking forward. Her fierce gameplay and strategic positioning allowed her to create multiple scoring chances. L. Miles, with her keen eye for goal, capitalised on these opportunities. X. Lewis and A. Whittle worked the ball well down the line with E. Greenwood picking up those baseline balls helping the team to a 5-0 lead by halftime. The second half of the game saw a slight shift in momentum, with KGS adopting a more relaxed pace, possibly underestimating their opponents. Despite the slower tempo, KGS girls continued to display their superiority on the field, creating additional scoring opportunities. Their consistent effort paid off, further extending their lead. The match concluded with an impressive 7-0 victory for KGS, a testament to their skill, teamwork, and strategy. This significant win propels them into the next round of the National Plate.

U15 National Plate Round 3 - KGS v Trent College

On a vibrant Friday, Kirkham Grammar School U15 team faced Trent College in an eagerly anticipated third-round match of the National Plate. From the outset, KGS girls demonstrated their determination and strategic acumen, setting the tone for the game. KGS' strategy of utilising the width of the pitch paid dividends, allowing them to advance the ball effectively. This approach opened up the field, creating numerous scoring opportunities. The forwards made intelligent runs, getting into optimal positions to receive passes and put pressure on the Trent College defence with lots of scoring opportunities. Trent College, however, proved to be resilient opponents. Trent's defence were quick to react to 50/50 balls and rebounds, which created a challenging environment for the KGS attackers. Trent College's swift counterattacks frequently pressured the KGS defence. Despite these challenges, the KGS defence stood firm, displaying robustness and resilience, making it difficult for Trent College to find the back of the net. A key aspect of KGS's success was their teamwork. They played simple yet effective hockey, which was instrumental in breaking down Trent College's defence. The team's ability to work together harmoniously, coupled with their strategic use of space, quick runs and effective communication, was a decisive factor in the match. The final whistle marked a well-earned 3-1 victory for KGS. This win not only highlights their skill and teamwork but also secures their place in the next round of the National Plate.

U15 Friendly Hockey Match - KGS v Stockport

In an action-packed friendly hockey match, the Kirkham Grammar School U15 team went head-to-head with Stockport, delivering a performance that was both challenging and exhilarating. The game was characterised by its fast pace and competitive spirit, with play constantly moving from one end of the pitch to the other. Stockport demonstrated commendable skill and determination, ensuring that KGS had to be at their best to gain any advantage. Their ability to challenge KGS at every turn made for an engaging and evenly balanced contest. A key strength for KGS was their robust defence and line play, which played a pivotal role throughout the match. The defenders were consistently focused on their goal of keeping Stockport away from the scoring circle, displaying both resilience and tactical awareness and the midfield were constantly driving the ball up the pitch to the forward players. In the midfield, the KGS players displayed exceptional dedication, working tirelessly to support both the defence and the attack. This was particularly evident in the efforts of the forwards, E. Greenwood and L. Miles, who were instrumental in turning over the ball and initiating rapid counterattacks. Their speed and agility posed a constant threat to Stockport's defence, creating numerous scoring opportunities for KGS. The overall skill level of the KGS team was evident in their use of set plays and their impressive teamwork. Their ability to communicate effectively and coordinate their movements allowed for smooth ball progression down the pitch, highlighting their preparation and understanding of each other's playing styles. Despite the intense competition, the game was played in a spirit of good sportsmanship, with both teams exhibiting respect and fairness. The final score of 2-1 in favour of KGS. 


U18 Friendly Netball Fixture - KGS v QEGS 

In an engaging midweek friendly, Kirkham Grammar School U18 senior girls (pictured right) travelled to face QEGS in what turned out to be a showcase of skill, teamwork, and strategic play. Despite having limited experience playing together, the KGS team demonstrated a remarkable level of cohesion and understanding on the court. Captain, R. Fisher, whose leadership was a pivotal element of KGS's success, led the game. Fisher's clear instructions and quarter-by-quarter strategies kept the team focused and efficient in their gameplay. Under her guidance, the team exhibited a harmonious blend of teamwork and individual prowess. Throughout the match, the teamwork of the KGS girls was evident in their seamless ball movement. The players communicated effectively, ensuring the ball travelled efficiently down the court. This coordination was particularly noticeable in the attacking third, where the KGS players capitalized on nearly every opportunity to score. QEGS, on the other hand, presented a formidable challenge. They competed fiercely, displaying great skill and determination. Their efforts made for an exciting and competitive match, keeping the pressure on KGS throughout the game. However, the exceptional ball movement and strategic positioning of the KGS team ultimately gave them the upper hand. They were able to outmanoeuvre the QEGS defence consistently and maintain control of the game's pace. The final whistle blew with the scoreboard reading 18-10 in favour of KGS. It was a well-deserved victory for the KGS team, highlighting their ability to work together effectively, even with limited prior experience as a unit. The match served as a great learning experience and confidence booster for the team, promising even stronger performances in future fixtures.

Liverpool Karate Open Championships 

Kirkham Grammar School Third Year pupil, Lilly (pictured left), competed in the Liverpool Karate Open Championships this weekend gaining three golds and one silver medal; gold in Kata age 13 - 14, gold in Kata age 15 - 17, gold in individual kumite and silver in team kumite.

Kirkham Grammar Junior, Infant and Pre-School

AJIS Indoor Athletics

On Thursday 25 January, Kirkham Grammar School J4 and J3 Athletics team travelled to Robin Park in Wigan to take part in the AJIS Indoor Athletics Competition. This is the biggest indoor event with 37 schools competing. The competition comprises track and field events with the relay races taking place last. The events test the pupils' athletics ability in balance, speed, endurance, power, and coordination. The KGS pupils certainly displayed their skills and determination when competing in their events with several of them placed in their event highlighting their outstanding capabilities. Clara, Dominic, Millie, Hollie, William, Will, Fatima won individual medals and Zach and William, Will, Austin, Henry and Noah won relays. It was a great experience for all of the pupils and they did themselves proud with their determination and athletics prowess.

U11 Rugby v St Mary's Hall

On Saturday 27 January, 14 of the Kirkham Grammar School J4 boys (pictured top of page) travelled to St Mary's Hall for a rugby fixture. Due to the weather over recent months, a number of fixtures have had to be cancelled resulting in the J4 boys being keen and very excited to get back playing on the rugby field. The game, split into four 10-minute quarters, allowed the rotation of players to ensure everyone played at least half a game. During the first two quarters, the game was very tight with Kirkham just edging the score count. In the third and fourth quarter, following fantastic individual efforts, Kirkham scored a couple more tries. At the end of the game, Kirkham had scored four tries to St Mary's Hall's one. St Mary's Hall played some exciting rugby and at the end of the game, the KGS squad discussed how they could learn from their oppositions strengths in order to get even stronger themselves.

U11 Boys Hockey - NorthWest In2Hockey Tournament

On Friday 26 January, Kirkham Grammar School U11 Boys Hockey team (pictured right) travelled to Bolton to participate in the Northwest In2Hockey Tournament. The tournament was a round robin format which ensured the team played four games. The games were eight minutes each way with penalty shuffles being awarded instead of penalty corners. The team demonstrated their passing skills and energy on the field in some end-to-end games of hockey. The boys progressed through the tournament showing their determination and teamwork and looking comfortable on the ball. Penalty shuffles were awarded with Zach and Will successfully slotting the ball into the back of the goal. KGS goalkepper, Issac, experienced the shuffles and did incredibly well saving shots. Well played, boys.

U8 Rugby v St Mary's Hall 

On Saturday 27 January, Kirkham Grammar School J1 rugby team (pictured right) travelled to St Mary's Hall to participate in some tag rugby games. The boys formed two teams and were full of energy and excitement and eager to get on the pitch. The teams demonstrated their dodging and passing skills to advance the ball up the pitch resulting in tries scored. The teams showed their determination to get the tags and slow down the play. The teams played in two matches giving them time to reflect and learn different tactics.


Wednesday 24 January 2024

KGS U17A v St Joseph's College

Kirkham Grammar School U17A (pictured right) met St Joseph's College at Walsall Rugby Club for some much-needed game time following the recent poor weather conditions. Kirkham took an early lead and scored five tries in the first half, I. Glue scored two out wide, S. Little scored two from driving mauls and R. Sheldon, with Glue converting three. St Joseph's College stayed in touch with two tries of their own making the half time score 33-14. Kirkham's opponents took control of the second half and started to cause problems for the KGS defence, scoring three tries and bring the score to 33-31. KGS finished strong in the last ten minutes with two further tries from R. Sheldon and A. Guthrie. T. Carter and A. Iddon both successfully converted one goal each resulting in the final score 45-31 to Kirkham Grammar School.

KGS U14s v Liverpool College

Last week, Kirkham Grammar School U14s met Liverpool College in the semi-final of the Lancashire Cup last week. KGS came out of the blocks quickly and caused the visitors many problems with their ball movement game. It was an excellent bit of play by Captain, O. Hartley-Pagnillo, which saw H. Lawson beat three players and dive in the corner to score. Not to be outdone, the forwards showed their power with some impressive catch and drive play from a lineout that resulted in a well-worked try for J. Kelso. Liverpool continued to work hard and defended well, but after a series of good carries from M. Martins, F. Webster and H. Walls, space was created out wide and S. Clarke finished and then on the stroke of half time, J. Gillett scored a well-worked try, which was converted by J. Faith to make the score 22-0. The bench rotated to bring some more energy to the KGS team and this worked a treat with K.Virdee showing his physicality allowing Gillett to create a turnover. Once again, this was kicked to the corner and Clarke bagged his second from the resulting lineout. Credit to Liverpool, they were not to be denied as their athletic runners, who had been largely kept quiet, showed excellent handling skills and won the foot race to score. In the dying moments of the game, Grigg showed excellent presence of mind to catch the reds cold and score to end what had been a good performance from KGS. The boys now face Lancaster RGS in the final. Final score 32-7 to Kirkham Grammar School.

KGS U12 Lancashire Festival

Kirkham Grammar School U12s played in the Lancashire Festival on Friday 26 January 2024 at Preston Grasshoppers RUFC. They played four games throughout the day: three in a pool stage and then one against the equivalent standing in the other pool. 

Match 1: Kirkham Grammar School v Ormskirk High School

In the opening match of the festival, Kirkham Grammar School U12s faced off against Ormskirk High School. The Kirkham team displayed exceptional teamwork and skill, dominating the game from start to finish. With clinical finishing from D. Winstanley and M. Duckett and solid defence from R. Sumner and F. Butler, Kirkham Grammar School secured a convincing 5-1 victory, setting the tone for the rest of the tournament.

Match 2: Kirkham Grammar School v Cowley International College

The momentum from their first win carried Kirkham Grammar School U12s into their second match against Cowley International College. Despite facing a determined opponent, Kirkham Grammar School displayed their resilience and controlled the game. With precise passing and calculated attacks, Kirkham Grammar School emerged with a well-deserved 3-1 victory.

Match 3: Kirkham Grammar School v St. Edwards Liverpool

In their game against St. Edwards Liverpool. Both teams demonstrated remarkable skill and determination, engaging in a fiercely contested battle on the field. Despite their best efforts, Kirkham Grammar School were held to a 2-2 draw, highlighting the competition during the game.

Match 4: Kirkham Grammar School v Scarisbrick Hall

In their final game. Kirkham Grammar School U12s squared off against Scarisbrick Hall in a highly competitive game. Both sets of boys gave their all after a long morning of rugby, displaying unwavering determination. Despite a valiant effort from both sides, the match ended in a hard-fought 1-1 draw, displaying the competitive spirit and sportsmanship of the teams involved.

Well done to all the boys that was involved in the festival.

Saturday 27 January 2024

KGS U17B v Liverpool College 1st XV

Kirkham Grammar School U17B fly half for the match v Liverpool College 1st XV was U16 A. Gildea who had a fine game. Other youngsters that showed promise were W. Kelso and C. Norman with tries from W. Kelso (2), J. Sumner, T. Martins, W. Kollard, M. Musson and H. Marsh and conversions by S. Neill (2) and A. Camps Monjardino De Azevedo Soares (3). Final score 45-5 to Kirkham Grammar School.

KGS U15 v Liverpool College

Kirkham Grammar School U15s travelled to Liverpool and despite a few key players missing put in an excellent performance, KGS putting their opposition under pressure from the off, with Yates stepping his way over after 5 minutes before converting his own score. KGS with strong carries from Dignan, Parkinson and a well-timed pass from E Davies putting the hard-working Cunningham into space who scored his first try of the season. Liverpool had a period of pressure but excellent defensive work from Virdee, Yates, Black, Singleton and A Davies kept them at bay. KGS scored again with Black breaking in midfield then releasing Virdee on half way who sprinted down the touchline to score with Yates converting. After further good handling from the backs, Virdee again scampered away with Yates converting to end the half with KGS 26-0 up. Liverpool started the second half with a real determination to stem the tide playing a very aggressive, direct game with the Barton boys and Swindlehurst all putting in crucial tackles. Just when it looked like Liverpool were about to score, Swindlehurst intercepted and made his way up field before passing to the supporting A Davies who scored under the posts, Yates again converting. After some strong running and working through several phases, Liverpool finally got the score that they deserved. Kirkham had the last word though with excellent hands again releasing Mati to score in the left corner. Final score 38-5 to Kirkham Grammar School.

KGS U13s v Liverpool College

Kirkham Grammar School U13s cruised to victory over Liverpool College, scoring ten tries in the process. The game was pretty much one-way traffic, however Kirkham did suffer some lapses in concentration, which allowed the visitors to score three tries of their own, all from long range. Kirkham used a large squad, giving some fringe players game time, with A. Fowora and I. Wan impressing in the second half. C. Oliver interchanged with T. Milligan and kept the continuity of the game flowing.

KGS U12s v Liverpool College

Kirkham Grammar School U12s (pictured right) put on an outstanding performance against Liverpool College, displaying strong running efforts with excellent support play, efficient counter-rucking and strong jackals to secure the ball going forward. There was some strong performances from F. Butler in defence, D. Winstanley in attack, Z. Burke in the ruck to put together a well-executed team performance. The tries came through M. Duckett (4), R. Sumner (2), T. Cox, D. Winstanley, T. Livesey and T. Parker. It was a positive performance overall with a few games left of the season before the pupils are introduced to sevens. Their hard work in training paid off with a positive display of rugby.

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