22 May 2023

Image of Junior School Production of Ye-Ha!

Kirkham Grammar Junior, Infant and Pre-School recently brought all the thrills and excitement of the Wild West to the Summerlee Hall for its Junior Production of Ye-Ha!

Ye-Ha! squeezed all the fun and adventure of the old West into a wonderfully, wild musical comedy.

Mad Dog McNut and his gang of no-good outlaws, were running wild as Wilbur Hubbard, the cowardly cook at the Fourdoor Saloon, landed the job that nobody wanted: Sheriff of Splodge city.

But luckily for Wilbur, Billie-Jo Brisket and her faithful steed – Lightnin', rolled into Splodge city to lend a hand, and suddenly the race was on to save the town.

The pupils captivated and engaged the audience from the very first scene right through to the last. The amazing performances of the pupils involved were nothing short of superb! 

The real success of this production was the exceptional teamwork from each member of the cast and chorus. With complicated songs and an intricate final dance expertly performed, each pupil had a fantastic time on stage. This production brought the audience, and all involved, back to a simpler, more carefree way of life - Ye- Ha!

A selection pf photographs can be viewed on our KGS Flickr page at:


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