1 November 2021

Image of Pre-School's Pumpkin Week

Pumpkin Week

In October, to celebrate Halloween, our Pre-School pupils enjoyed 'Pumpkin Week'. They started by reading the story 'We're Going on a Pumpkin Hunt', before going on their own hunt in the outdoor area. After finding all the pumpkins, lots of mathematics took place. The pupils counted them, before ordering them by size and weight. They then sang their own pumpkin patch rhyme to the tune of 'Five Buns in a Baker's Shop' and the 'Five Little Pumpkins' rhyme.

Each pupil brought a pumpkin into Pre-School and they predicted what they might find inside it, before exploring for themselves. The children also enjoyed mark making on the pumpkins, alongside some pumpkin themed maths and play dough.

They had lots of fun making pumpkin soup and the pupils enjoyed helping chop a variety of vegetables, including lots of pumpkin, before being given the opportunity to taste their culinary delights!

Our Pre-School pupils concluded their 'Halloween and Pumpkin' themed week by arriving at school dressed in their fancy dress outfits. They all looked absolutely fabulous!


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