15 March 2021

Image of KGJS' Pyjama Day to celebrate World Book Day 2021

On Friday, our Junior, Infant and Pre-School pupils attended school dressed in their pyjamas to celebrate World Book Day with the theme 'Bedtime Stories'. 

Our I1 pupils had lots of fun making a puppet theatre. They decorated the cardboard theatre before being given the opportunity to try this out with the puppets! Puppet shows give children the opportunity to create their own imaginative stories whilst also letting childrens' 'voice' expand through the characters. The pupils also enjoyed storytime with Mrs Brimley and decorated their own gingerbread men.

I2X pupils read the book 'Whatever Next' by Jill Murphy, while I2Y's chosen book was 'There is a Tribe of Kids' by Lane Smith. I2X made rockets and I2Y created a smash of jellyfish and a turn of turtles, all of which featured in their chosen books. 

Our I3 pupils enjoyed preparing their midnight feast for their singing and fire pit activity. They also shared their favourite book with the rest of the class and each wrote a book review.

J1 pupils used their favourite book to design a bookmark.

J2 pupils created a 'live' combined story via Google Classroom. They took turns alternatively to write a sentence, which followed on from the previous sentence given. The pupils were brilliant at using their imaginations and eager to entertain their peers!

As part of a combined English and Drama lesson, our J3 pupils played charades using book titles. Charades is a classic party game for all ages. The aim of the game is to convey ideas without speaking to develop the pupils non-verbal communication skills, whilst also having lots of fun!

Our J4 pupils usually buddy up with our I1 pupils for reading time on #WorldBookDay. This year, due to the current 'bubble' situation, our J4 pupils created iMovie stories in small groups. These were then uploaded to Google Classroom for our I1 pupils to watch.

The pinnacle of the day was the sing-along around the fire pit with marshmallows. Much fun was had by all! 

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