15 September 2020

Image of J1 & J2 House Cross Country

This morning, the J1 and J2 Junior House Cross Country runs took place at the Junior School. The sun shone and, despite the heavy dew overnight, two fantastic races took place. Well done to you all. The winners were as follows:

J1 boys:

1st place: William

2nd place: Zachary

3rd place: Archie

J1 girls:

1st place: Holly

2nd place: Emily

3rd place: Jessica

J2 boys:

1st place: Freddie

2nd place: Matthew

3rd place: Oliver

J2 girls:

1st place: Ava

2nd place: Hattie

3rd place: Polly


The photographs from both events can be viewed via the link below:



Video footage can be viewed via the link below:



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