14 September 2020

Image of Physical Development is a ‘prime’ area of learning!

Within the EYFS, Physical Development is a ‘prime’ area of learning as this underpins all curriculum areas. On a Wednesday afternoon, the I1s have a Physical Development focus afternoon. So far this term, the pupils have experienced various forms of rolling, ball skills, yoga and the Trim Trail. It has been a pleasure to see children develop new skills and have grown in confidence; experiencing new opportunities to push the boundaries in a safe and supportive environment.

Within our Trim Trail session last week the children were OUTSTANDING! Many were eager to experience hanging from the monkey bars which was a new experience for many and also demonstrated some superb upper body strength! The level of concentration was immense as you can see from the children’s faces. They also learnt how to traverse the assault net and were able to twist their body and use the correct footing to descend with some very proud children and teachers; as many said to begin with – I can’t….but they did! Yoga revealed the children’s ability to be calm and in the moment and was a pleasurable end to the day.

Well done I1. We are very proud of you!



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