24 August 2017

It is extremely pleasing to see Kirkham Grammar School retaining another year of improved and strong GCSE results.  With further turbulence and uncertainty across many GCSE subjects, we are so proud of our pupils.  A large number of subjects witnessed a significant increase in grades awarded at A*/A when compared with 2016.  The new grading system for Mathematics also proved a challenge; however, the number of highly coveted grade 9 awards was much higher than any previous predictions.  In English, we witnessed an impressive set of results, 98% A* - C and nearly 60% of grades awarded A*/A.  When we look at both our A-level results and GCSE results we can demonstrate real success for our talented pupils.  A great effort once again from Team KGS!

12 Passes: Corcoran, I

11 Passes: Baxter J, Bucklow M, Gargett W, Gerrity L, Kollard W, Lewthwaite H, Nam R, O’Brien L, O’Neill C, Parkinson F, Thompson G, Townsend E, Xu S

10 Passes: Acton E, Anthony C, Bamber J, Briggs H, Carmichael C, Carroll E, Carter W, Clifford E, Collins E, Davies S, Dowbiggin W, Dowds E, Ethell L, Fenton S, Gaynor-Smith E, Giles T, Gornall J, Hardman A, Harwood A, Hawkes C, Higham N, Hughes M, Livsey J, McManamon L, Mee-Bishop T, Oddie A, Peet E, Pendergest O, Powell E, Read S, Riley F, Roche S, Rowley L, Secretary A, Shield J, Stewart J, Thompson H, Thomson J, Treaddell T, Turner E, Williamson L

9 Passes: Barlow G, Bellamy A, Berry T, Brown J, Collins S, Crook S, Crowe O, Doyle C, Fraser L, Hayward C, Hodgson A, Hurst H, Kantharia M, Marsh J, Mayhall J, Mellor-Bates P, Morris J, Peacock C, Powell F, Slater I, Towers D, Watson M, Webster A, Wilkinson C, Wood N, Wright O

8 Passes: Barson H, Ezeigbo C, Harrison J, Hindmoor E, Huyton M, Kershaw T, Morris H, Thompson L

7 Passes: Gregory W, Higginbotham R, Partington C

D H Berry


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