16 February 2017

Image of Palace Trip for Gold Awards

We are delighted to announce the following DofE Awards:


Aaron Bradshaw

Alastair Cairney

Lauren Fraser

James Harrison

Lansona Kershaw

Joseph Shield

Amelia Schreiber

Cameron Wilkinson


Niall Higham

Venkata Karri

Matthew Lewthwaite

Marco Wong


Robert Ellis

Olivia Gornall

Rachel Horsfield

James Smith

Well done to all who have completed their Award level; some really interesting physical, skill and volunteering experiences undertaken to complete the Awards. Congratulations for all your hard work, efforts and determination to get everything done and written up on the eDofE record system!

A special mention must go to our Gold Award students who are now looking forward to a trip to the Palace to receive their Gold Award certificates – a great honour for a great achievement!

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