16 November 2023

Image of CCF Field Day 2023

Today marked the first Kirkham Grammar School CCF Field Day of the new school year at Weeton Barracks.

With nearly 200 cadets participating, it was one of the largest turnouts in recent history.

Fourth Year cadets focused on Basic Fieldcraft, including shelter-building, army ration cooking, patrolling, camouflage and concealment, setting up a harbour area (a position to work from), mixed in with some leadership activities and a Task Master style stand.

Simultaneously, our Fifth Year cadets honed more advanced skills such as stalking (how to get close to the enemy to observe them and remain unseen) and patrol techniques using paintball guns and targets.

Our Sixth Form cadets took on instructional roles, applying their learned skills and delivering engaging lessons that captivated both Fourth and Fifth Year participants.

Thank you to all who contributed in providing this fantastic experience for our pupils.


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