27 April 2023

Image of U12 Wyre and Fylde Netball Tournament

On Tuesday 25 April, the U12 netball teams travelled to Stanley Park for the Wyre and Fylde Netball Tournament. As this was the third time it had been rescheduled, due to poor weather, the girls were excited for an afternoon of netball! 

A Team 

The A Team started slowly but soon got into their stride, working the ball well down the court. Throughout the afternoon, the Hollie and Imi were solid in defence and distributed the ball out well. Hettie, Isabella and Lois worked tirelessly in the centre court to work the ball up and down. The work rate and effort from both Harriet and Juliette was excellent throughout the afternoon and they were on target with their shooting. The girls played 8, won 5 and lost 3 and therefore finished 3rd overall. Well done, girls! 

Team: Hollie G, Imi O, Hettie M-B, Lois S, Isabella M, Juliette V, Harriet M.

Player of the Tournament: Hollie G

B Team 

Throughout the tournament, the B Team's effort levels were consistently high and they faced some challenging opponents with great determination. The tournament began strongly, with the team winning their first 3 matches consecutively. Elizabeth and Maddie attacked with confidence, intercepting a number of passes down court and both fed the ball well into the goal circle to create numerous scoring opportunities.  Birdie and Aimee combined well together in the attacking circle, making some excellent dodging moves to lose their players and create chances for shooting. Eve worked energetically to defend down the court and adapted quickly to an attacking position later in the tournament. Katy, Ruby, Mia and Zara were dominant in defence, marking their players closely and turning over the ball on multiple occasions to maintain possession.

Overall, the team demonstrated their skill and teamwork, making for an exciting tournament of which they should be proud of their achievements. The girls won 5 of their 8 matches, drew 2 and lost 1, with their hard work securing 3rd place. Congratulations girls!

Team: Mia G ©, Zara B, Eve T, Ruby P, Katy T, Elizabeth C, Birdie S, Aimee J, Maddie M.

Player of the Tournament: Aimee J


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