2 December 2022

Image of The history behind our KGS Library stained glass window

We are thrilled to discover the origins of our stained glass window in our Kirkham Grammar School Library. The window was created in memory of Reverend Cresswell Strange who was headmaster at KGS from 1919 to 1945, but the artist up until now was unknown.

Earlier this week, Aleta Doran Artist-in Residence at Chester Cathedral approached KGS through her research of Trena Cox a stained glass window artist who she believed had undertaken some work for us in the late 1940's early 1950's. After discussion with our Librarian/Archivist, Mrs Halsall and a subsequent visit we were thrilled to learn that the said window was in fact part of Trena's work. Looking at the style Aleta believes that this was constructed in the late 1940's as Trena's style changed slightly thereafter.

Trena Cox (1895 – 1980) was a stained glass artist who lived and worked in Chester. She created many beautiful windows during her long career, most of which can be found in NW England and North Wales. Trena’s work is characterised by sensitive painting, vibrant colour and intricate patterns. Her landscapes teem with life – birds perch in trees, butterflies hover around tiny flowers and fish leap out of rivers. It is this detail that bring vitality and character to her designs. Whilst most of her work was created for churches, some examples are found in other settings – such as the memorial window in our school library.

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