14 November 2022

Image of J2 Trip to Castle Head

On Thursday 10 November, we arrived at Castle Head. Everyone was really excited! We had a tour around the place. It was huge! We were told which rooms we were in.

After that, we had some activities to do. We learnt all about food chains and then we went off to bait mouse traps. We dissected owl pellets and were able to see what the owl had eaten by finding skulls and bones of small animals. It was disgusting and interesting at the same time!

We had our tea and then later, when it was dark and we needed a torch to see, we went to collect our humane traps and emptied them. We were really hoping to have caught a mouse, a vole or maybe even a shrew… Sadly we didn't catch anything. Later, we played some team challenge games, which we all really enjoyed, before going to bed.

At 7am, everyone was ready for the day. We had some breakfast and then had to make our own sandwiches for lunch before setting off for more fun and activities. This time we learnt about coppicing and then experienced this first hand. We used secateurs, loppers and even a saw. We had coppiced the willow hedge in no time!

Soon after, it was time for a walk in the woodland to identify mini-beasts. We found 'Tammy the worm' and learnt about the importance of each animal and how they all contributed to their ecosystem.

We had lunch in the Chapel (our living/games room).

Not long after, it was time to say goodbye to our instructors. After packing the coach, they all stood and waved us goodbye. Then it was back to school.

I would really like to visit Castle Head again. I have made some great memories and have learnt a great deal.

Amy-Leigh (J2)

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