29 September 2022

Image of AJIS Cross Country Championships 2022

Our J3 and J4 pupils had a brilliant day at AJIS Cross Country yesterday. 

We witnessed an incredible team effort from all of our athletes whilst competing in their races and the fantastic results demonstrated their determination on the course and their will power to cross the finish line. 

The results were as follows: (the top 5 finishers count)

J3 boys: 3rd Overall

William C: 2nd - silver medal

Josh H: 12th

William Y: 21st 

Rocco G: 38th 

Theo P: 43rd 

Riley M 49th 

J3 girls:

Philippa P: 23rd

Millie O: 25th

Hollie N: 49th 

Emily T: 59th 

Layla P: 64th 

Scarlett S: 67th 

Quinn E: 71st 


J4 boys:

Matthew D: 10th 

Sebastian B: 21st 

Thomas D: 45th

Freddie B: 51st

Rafe S: 62nd

Oliver D: 64th

Bobby P: 70th 


J4 girls: (2nd Overall) 

Ava G: 6th 

Amelia M: 8th 

Bea F: 9th

Hattie W 11th 

Harriet T 42nd 

Isla V: 63rd

Polly H: 64th 


Well done to you all!

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