28 June 2022

Image of First Year Trip to Clitheroe

First Year Trip to Clitheroe

After being unable to take the first years to Clitheroe for the last couple of years, staff from the history and geography department were especially excited to be able to arrange this year's trip. Spread over two days, all four forms enjoyed their trip immensely and loved the chance to learn outside the classroom.  Mrs Taylor and Mr Whittle's natural enthusiasm for their subject was clear to see as everyone learnt so much on the Salthills Geology Trail. The morning was spent at this Site of Special Scientific Interest looking at various rock types, thinking about the impact of visitors on the site and, most importantly, hunting for fossils. The fossil hunting was certainly competitive and everyone managed to find plenty of fossils to impress their teachers.

After lunch, it was time to bring history to life as the pupils enjoyed four workshops on medieval cooking, blacksmithing, armour and medieval games at Clitheroe Castle. The staff from the castle dressed up and entertained everyone with both their knowledge and humour. The highlight for most was the session with medieval knight, who never seems to age, educating everyone about a wide range of topics, as well as, most importantly, teaching everyone to sword fight!  The day ended with a terrific finale where the knight and blacksmith dressed in full armour for a mock fight before the cannon was fired for the whole of Clitheroe to hear!

Special thanks must go to Lancashire County Museum Service for this great opportunity to learn so much and have such a fun afternoon. 

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