28 March 2022

Image of Online Safety Day

Online Safety is an ever growing and changing area of interest and concern. The internet and related technologies, including mobile devices such as phones, gaming media, tables, and watches, are developing rapidly and are integral to the daily lives of our pupils.

Many of these technologies are used to enable pupils to engage creatively with their learning. Socially, our pupils often use the internet for entertainment, interaction and communication with ‘friends’ – bringing about new risks which many adults were never faced with when they were growing up.

This Thursday 31 March, all Kirkham Grammar School pupils from First Year to Upper Sixth will be attending workshops led by Karl Hopwood, an independent e-safety expert. He has also created a parental workshop for our KGS parents - this can be viewed below:

This workshop lasts about 55 minutes and is designed to help parents understand how their children use the internet and associated technologies, so that they can help to manage the risks that exist and reinforce the important online safety messages that we promote at school.

We do hope you find this useful and informative.

Online Safety - March 2022

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