5 January 2022

Image of 'Life at Durham University' by Old Kirkhamian, Thomas

It is always wonderful to hear from our former Kirkham Grammar School pupils.

Old Kirkhamian, Thomas Hewitt, visited KGS just before Christmas and chatted to us about his first term at Durham University.

"Studying at Durham University has been a fantastic environment to read History and build on the interests and skills I first developed at Kirkham. University has provided me with the opportunity to meet like-minded people and put me in daily contact with leading experts in my field of study. Its extensive libraries, archive collections and engaging lecturers all enhance the experience.

Durham’s network of colleges fosters a strong sense of community, similar to that at KGS. This has allowed me to settle in with ease and make friends. I have also become involved in college life, serving as a member of the Junior Room Committee and have since been elected to serve as Chair of the Junior Common Room for the forthcoming year. College social life is enjoyable with weekly quizzes in college bar, gowned formal dinners and the Winter Ball at the end of term.

University has also allowed me to continue to pursue those interests outside of learning which I cultivated at Kirkham, particularly Music. Since arriving, I have joined the Chapel Choir at St Chad’s College and even had the opportunity to sing in Durham Cathedral. It has been a great opportunity to develop new interests too, from coxing rowing crews on the river to hearing internationally recognised speakers at the Durham Union debating society.

I am very grateful to Kirkham Grammar School for all the support they have given to me to achieve this next step in my future."

Thomas Hewitt, Durham University

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