6 December 2021

Image of Our Stars of the Term!

This academic year, we further enhanced our rewards system; one pupil in classes I1 to J4 is now selected as the ‘Star of the Week’ for achieving something of significance during the previous week. Each pupil receives a rather splendid ‘trio of stars’ badge to wear for next seven days. Often these awards are linked to our School Values: Be Curious, Be Determined and Be Kind.

In addition, pupils may also be selected for the prestigious Headmistress’s Above and Beyond Award; this is for an act or deed that has been noted by a member of the School community as being very special and noteworthy, with the badge being worn for the entire academic year by the recipient.

Such ongoing and frequent recognition of our pupils’ accomplishments creates an environment conducive to ongoing success, and provides an important reminder that every individual makes a difference to the success and future development of KGS.

Congratulations to all of our Infant and Junior pupils who have received the Headmistress's 'Above and Beyond' award and/or 'Star of the Week'  award for the Autumn Term.

Headmistress's 'Above and Beyond' Award

James Wileman, James Mannion, Imi Osborne, Lois So, Sofia Craven, Claudia Thompson, Mia Gisslow, Harriet O’Mahoney and Layla Pineda.

'Stars of the Week'

I1X: Rocco Newnes, Hugh Donbavand, Charlotte Degg, Sienna Feeley, Neema McGuire and George Coward.

I1Y: Lydia Binns, Penny Mainwaring, Hattie O’Mahoney, Austin Atkinson, Ella Whalley-Hunter, Harriet Watts, Austin Croook, Darcy Laraway-Andrews and Pippa Hargreaves.

I2X: Arabella James, Hugo Scordos-Brooke, Nurin Tafti, Molly Dawson, Chiara Newnes, Riva Pimlott, Maddison Flack, Louie Battersby, Terry Brown and George Yates.

I2Y: Rocco Houston, Claudia Thompson, Honor Margerison, Lucas Vidotti, Matilda Oliver, Edward Hartley-Pagnillo, Daniel Barber, Teddie Nixon, Cara Paterson, Starsky Lynch and Arthur Townley.

I3X: Jessica Watts, Amelia Davis, Vincent Walker, Jai Te, Hunter Smith, Alexia Crook, Mallory Faith, Cerys Twose, Edward Rowlands and Lawrence Hemmings.

I3Y: Molly Townsend, Iris James, George Hargreaves, Hallie Crossen, Lewis Perry, Sophia Billington, Bonnie Mills, Mariam Omer, Katie Rhodes and Max Clarke.

J1X: Ruth Bunday, Delilah Clark, Juliette Ranc, Coral Walker, Xaviere Trend, Eleanor Desoer, Niki Tafti, Clara Moore, Alexander Atkinson, Sophia Pascoli and Eli O’Donoghue.

J1Y: Olivia Murusidze, Sofia Paterson, Lucy Holland, Dominic Boughen, Philippa Pearson, Amy-Leigh Lachut-Judge, Rocco Gallagher, Millie O’Mahoney, Paloma Thompson and Jack Yates.

J2X: Quinn Elleray, James Mannion, Scarlett Smith, Sofia Beaver, Skyla Lynch, William Coward, William Yates, Layla Pineda, Isaac Anders, Theo Mkpadi and Joshua Hitchen.

J2Y: Jenson Langley, Fatimah Omer, Ralph Rowley, Hollie Addison, Noah Taziker, Henry Chapman, Leo Crossen, Emily Townsend, Hendrick Ata-Bedu and Ella Strettle.

J3X: Oliver Donoghue, Matthew Duckett, Hattie Walker, Bea Faith, Henry Dawson-Gerrard, Sebastian Boughen, Isabella Grice, Ava Gallagher and Ava Godbold.

J3Y: Harriet Townley, Florence Kerr, Zakaria Stevenson, Raurie Sumner, Eleanor Bullough, Poppy Benson, Naomi Ganley, Freddie Butler, Alexa Airton and Nia Murusidze.

J4X: Finley Fitzsimmons-Wilson, Sibana Sedgwick, Isaac Wan, Evie Dunne, Esme Lawson, Louis Blundell, Harry Ford, Hamish Gilchrist, Hollie Guthrie and Tumi Milligan.

J4Y: Myles Te, Alice Nicolson, Tilly Musson, Manny Elleray, Katy Townsend, Isabella Stanbury, Torrin Anderson, James Wileman, William Desoer and Lois So.




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