22 November 2021

Image of CCf Field Day 2021

Thursday 18 November saw the first CCF Field Day for over 12 months take place at Weeton Barracks Training Area. The Field Day was split into two with the Fourth Year cadets completing a variety of basic military skills stands and the Fifth Year practising some more advanced military skills. Our Sixth Form senior cadets helped the staff teach the different military subjects.

The Fourth Year stands consisted of Camouflage and Concealment, Rations and Cooking, Patrolling and Hand Signals, Archery, Leadership, How to Move Tactically, Harbours (setting up a base to work from) and Shelters (how to put up somewhere to sleep).  The Fourth Year threw themselves into this with energy and enthusiasm and it was great to see those learning new skills and enjoying the day.

The Fifth Year conducted a blank firing exercise with the Cadet Rifle - for most students, this was their first time doing so. They had to combine all the skills, weapon handling and tactics that they had been taught over the last year to achieve the objective, which they did with ease. However, this is no mean feat with each cadet having a great deal to process, together with the added pressure of safety as well as the confusion when the firing and smoke starts. They then moved onto TIBUA (Training in Built up Areas) which is taking control of a house from the enemy. The cadets learnt some new procedures for how to enter a house and clear it room by room, maintaining control, communication and teamwork to achieve this.

The day was thoroughly enjoyed by the cadets and they were smiling but tired by the end of it.  Praise should be given to the staff and the Sixth Form for their contribution to the day - without them this would not have been as successful as it was.

A selection of photographs can be viewed on our KGS Flickr page at: www.flickr.com/photos/kgsphotos/albums/72157720160369171






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