21 October 2021

In many cases when students move to secondary school it is the first time they have travelled to school independently and in some cases the journey from home to school has also increased. At first, their journey to school will be novel and require planning and attention, but after a couple of weeks the route becomes familiar. Through this familiarity, students will start to use the roads on auto pilot, which can lead to dangerous distractions. 

This afternoon, we were welcomed Performance in Education into Kirkham Grammar School to deliver their Streetwise programme. ‘Streetwise’ teaches students that the road needs their full attention at all times. Our First and Second Year pupils watched a pedestrian road safety performance, using theatre, to provide them with an engaging, learning experience. It highlighted the consequences of their actions on the roads. 

Performance in Education has been commissioned by Lancashire County Council Road Safety and is being delivered to secondary schools across Lancashire. 

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