20 October 2021

Image of J3 Bushcraft 2021

Bushcraft 2021

On Wednesday 22 September, all J3 pupils and four staff set off from school for Castle Howard, North Yorkshire, to start our bushcraft adventure. Whilst we were still with ‘The Bushcraft Company’, it was the first time Kirkham GS had visited the Castle Howard site.

On arrival, and after a short(ish) walk into the woods, we arrived at our new home for the next three days ‘Pine Woods Camp’. Following our welcome an all-important safety briefing, our enthusiastic instructors taught us how to light fires. It was a good job that we all learnt quickly as we then had to cook our own lunch on them. The afternoon consisted of camp craft and concealment activities before building shelters, which several of the group chose to sleep in for one or both of the nights in the woods; whilst others chose to make use of the large tepees for greater perceived comfort.

Day two’s activities included wilderness first aid, making survival bracelets and using cutting tools to make pegs. We then had to put our newly learnt skills to work after our teachers created a fake airplane crash. The evening rounded off with our ‘Bushcraft’s Got Talent’ show under torch light.

During the final day, we learnt more about foraging in the woods and how to make a range of traps before putting all our skills to work in the final ‘Bushcraft Challenge’.

Throughout the trip, we eat well from the food cooked on the fire and wilderness ‘kitchen’, though  the four brave pupils who took on the fish eyeball challenge may opt for an alternative menu next time! Everyone also enjoyed a variety of games, camp-fire songs and experiences throughout the adventure.

Everyone learnt many new skills and experiences to help them in their everyday lives as well taking away life-long memories. Well done J3 for creating such a great trip. 

To view a selection of photographs from the J3 Bushcraft trip to Castle Howard in York please visit:


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