14 October 2021

Image of J3 & J4 pupils enjoy online author event

Yesterday, our J3 and J4 pupils enjoyed an online author event. The event was run by BookTrust, the UK’s largest children’s reading charity, to celebrate Black History Month. It was wonderful for the pupils to hear author, Joseph Coelho, talk about his early life and his journey to becoming a poet and writer. The pupils heard a selection of his work including a sonnet in the style of William Shakespeare, and the first chapter of one of his short stories. He also introduced the pupils to some different styles of poetry that they could use to write their own poems. The pupils were keen to try the ‘Long Title, One Word Poems’ and the ‘Abecedarius Poem’ - an acrostic poem using every letter of the alphabet in order!

To watch a recording of this live author event, please click below:

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