24 September 2021

Image of Old Kirkhamian, Liam, accepts offer to study in Philadelphia!

It is always wonderful to hear from our KGS alumni and get an insight into their many achievements and experiences.

We were delighted to hear this week from Old Kirkhamian, Liam (KGS 2012-2019), informing us of his recent successes.

Liam, who is currently in his third year of a five year Maths degree (MMAT) at the University of St Andrews, was offered, as one of only two students out of hundreds of applicants, the opportunity to study abroad at the University of Pennsylvania, an Ivy League University based in Philadelphia. After flying out in August, Liam officially started classes at UPenn last week and is due to stay for the full academic year until May 2022.

Liam is planning to study four Maths modules per semester, including modules such as game theory, complex analysis and advanced calculus. Outside of the classroom, Liam is hoping to travel as much as possible, visiting places along the East Coast such as Washington and New York, and is also in the process of trialling for the university soccer team.

Although he has not completely decided what he would like to do upon completion of his degree, Liam is open to the idea of any internships/opportunities that may become available to him while he is at UPenn.

We hope you enjoy your year in Philadelphia, Liam!

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