2 July 2021

Image of Lower Sixth Geography Students create permanent piece of history artwork

During our second period of remote learning after Christmas, our Lower Sixth Form geographers collaborated with Yorkshire artist, Alex Blakey, to create a map celebrating Kirkham’s history. Each student was given a specific small area to research and then added drawings and pictures to tell a story relating to events that happened in their particular area. The work they created was impressive and Alex then merged all of the individual pieces together to create the final map. The students study Kirkham as their local place in the A Level Geography ‘Changing Places’ unit which is all about the unique character of place, learning how and why people become emotionally connected to a place. When we were approached to take part in the project it was something the students were very excited about.

The artwork will be permanently installed in the high street as part of 'Kirkham Treasures' which has been planned to reveal the past and preserve heritage, whilst also seeking to develop a cultural vision for the town. A successful grant application to Historic England has resulted in the development of a High Street Action Zone pilot project for Kirkham. This includes the development of a cultural consortium, focusing attention on Kirkham’s rich heritage and its historic High Street, providing a wide range of exciting opportunities to help gather information and create artwork that will celebrate the town’s past.

On Saturday 10 July, there will be a celebration of the artwork along with an artisan market and fair in the town and 500 copies of the map will be given out so that local families can discover Kirkham’s rich and varied history.

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