10 May 2021

Image of Pre-School Kirkhamigos!

Our wonderful Pre-School pupils will be affectionately known as a Kirkhamigo: Spanish for ‘Kirkham friend’. It is hoped that, as the children move forward on their learning journey with us, they will remember Pre-School as the starting point where the Kirkham values begin – Be Kind, Be Curious, Be Determined.

We have also chosen a penguin as a gift for the children, and for use as their School mascot, as this is an animal that represents friendship, good manners and conduct and today each child was presented with their penguin to take home. Penguins demonstrate determination, patience, and endurance in the face of the extreme conditions in which they live. They do everything together: eating, hunting, nesting and huddling together to keep warm. They are also highly adaptable creatures and true team players.

As part of the Personal and Social Education curriculum, our Kirkhamigos have also been learning about the characteristics of penguins and even learnt how to say ‘penguin’ in Spanish.

We hope that our Pre-School pupils will love their little penguin and take good care of them, acting as a reminder of the Kirkham values of friendship, kindness, curiosity and determination as they move onwards through school – all key to their future success.

We would also like to invite you to join the Pre-School Google Classroom, details of which have been sent home with your child today. Should you have any difficulty in accessing the Google Classroom, please email j.cannell@kirkhamgrammar.co.uk who will be able to assist you.

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