7 December 2020

Image of Sixth Form Taster Day

On Friday, our Fifth Year students explored a wide range of ‘preparatory’ activities in every subject.

To name just a few of the activities that took place during the day...in Biology, students extracted DNA from raspberries; BTEC Sport teacher, Mr Unsworth, introduced the students to the links between nutrition, health and performance in sport and exercise; in Physics, students carried out a practical experiment to estimate the temperature of a Bunsen flame; Head of Geography, Mr Whittle, discussed the subject content of A Level Geography; students learnt about Sophocles and the origins of Greek Theatre in Drama; A Level PE was delivered by Mr Roddam which saw the students investigate heart rate response to submaximal exercise by completing a 1k row at 26s/m followed by a 700m treadmill run at 12km/h; Dr Rollin's students carried out a Chemistry practical experiment to test for aldehydes and ketones by oxidation reactions and Head of Art, Mr Gardiner, talked about the exciting and extensive range of creative and technical skills they will develop if they choose to study A Level Art and Design. 

A very informative day which we hope helped the students in preparing for the move to Sixth Form studies next September.


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