17 November 2020

Image of AJIS Virtual Cross Country Championships

At lunchtime today, twenty eight KGJS U10/U11 runners took part in the AJIS Virtual Cross Country Championships. The annual AJIS Championships are always very competitive with over 20 schools normally taking part and 125 runners in each race. Due to the current situation, AJIS invited schools to take part in a virtual event. 

All of the KGJS runners showed grit and determination over the 1 mile course, which proved to be a challenging terrain due to the recent wet weather.

Congratulations to you all.

The positions were as follows:

U11/U10 Boys

U11/U10 Girls

1st - Freddie Wiltshire

1st - Josie Trow


2nd - Leo Paraskeva


2nd - Hermione Edwards


3rd - Oliver Hartley Pagnillo


3rd - Philippa Hancock


4th -  Jonty Faith


4th - Hollie Bailey


5th - Tumi Milligan


5th - Holly Schofield


6th - James Wileman


6th - Sophia Gough


7th - Hamish Gilchrist


7th - Eve Thompson


8th - Charlie Oliver


8th - Imi Osborne


9th - Torrin Anderson


9th - Matilda Musson


10th - Ellis McNamee-Sloggett


10th - Rosa Gill


11th - Harry Ford


11th - Charlotte Pickervance


12th- Billy Margerison


12th - Madelyn McGarry


13th - Jack Gillett


13th - Hollie Guthrie


14th - Shaun Williams


14th - Evie Dunne



A selection of photographs can be viewed below....

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