23 October 2020

Image of Pre-School Pumpkin Week

Pre-School’s Pumpkin Week was a busy and exciting time for our young pupils. The children discovered lots of pumpkins in their outdoor classroom which resulted in a considerable amount of conversation as to how they came to be there. Lots of mathematical discussion took place comparing the size and shapes of the pumpkins. A challenge was set to order the pumpkins according to size and the children accepted the challenge with great enthusiasm. Fantastic teamwork from everyone resulted in the challenge being successfully completed. Numerous physical development activities took place during the week with children experimenting with balancing pumpkins, pumpkin football and obstacle courses constructed by the children. The children enjoyed mark-making on the pumpkins and writing secret messages. After a discussion about healthy foods, the children made a delicious pumpkin soup. Outdoors the pumpkins were added to our mixing station and water areas which saw the children clean the pumpkins with cloths and brushes. The week concluded with a Halloween dress up day and a pumpkin themed party. What an amazing and fun week Pre-School had!

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