8 October 2020

Image of Doodle Maths 14 Day Challenge Winners!

We are delighted to announce that J1X and I2X have won the Doodle Maths 14 Day Challenge!. These two classes had 100% of children in the Doodle Maths green zone for 14 consecutive day, which is absolutely amazing. Both classes have won a bundle of maths games worth £50  and because Doodle Maths were super impressed that Kirkham Grammar School had two classes with 100% at the same school they are also being sent a pack of Doodle goodies which will be used to reward the pupils for their hard work and dedication to Doodle Maths.

In total 90 schools and over 300 classes entered the International 14 Day Challenge Competition, which saw schools all over the world taking part, so this is a fantastic achievement.

Congratulations to J1X and I2X.

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