19 August 2020

Image of KGJS Pre-School children are delighted to be back!

Kirkham Grammar Pre-School children and staff are delighted to be back!

KGJS Pre-School provides a wide range of opportunities, challenges and experiences for children to grow and develop, with a variety of exceptional resources and facilities in a newly-designed purpose-built setting, which opened in September 2018. The setting is thoughtfully designed to meet the needs and requirements of children from ‘rising threes’ (the term of their third birthday) to four years old. It is a welcoming home-from-home where children feel relaxed and happy, whilst being guided and nurtured by the dedicated Pre-School team.

Overseen by Mrs O’Donoghue, Headmistress of Kirkham Grammar Junior, Infant and Pre-School, the Pre-School aims to offer the best possible environment in which every child can flourish and develop a lifelong love of learning.

Mrs O’Donoghue explains: “We deliver an engaging and stimulating curriculum, themed around children’s questions and the world around them. The curriculum works in tandem with the offering for our school-age pupils in our Reception classes here at Kirkham Grammar Junior School. Whilst it is hoped that the Pre-School children continue their educational journey through to the Infant and Junior School, this is not compulsory for children attending our Pre-School setting."

"Our Pre-School children begin their infant journey as enthusiastic, bright and confident pupils. The impact of our aspirational curriculum is mature learners with enhanced independence and a positive have-a-go approach to any inquiry they may have. We have determined pupils who are keen to succeed … even at the age of three and four! This early preparation for independent schooling is the best start a child deserves.”

Our Pre-School, which accepts the Early Years funding, is open from 7.30 am - 6.00 pm, offering wraparound care. The children are provided with lunch, mid-morning/mid-afternoon snack and afternoon tea for those staying later.

To find out more, please telephone 01772 673222 or email l.norris@kirkhamgrammarjnr.co.uk

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