19 May 2020

Due to the current situation, the KGS Rugby Awards 2019-20 took place on Friday night via @KGSRugby Twitter. Friday's coverage can be viewed on the video below. 

The winners were as follows:

U12s Clubman: - Alex Davies

U12s Jedis Most Improved - Jack Wilsdon

U12s Jedis Player of the Year - Zede Graham

U12s Wizards Most Improved - Lewis Simpson

U12s Wizards Player of the Year - Anton Gildea

U13B Clubman - Jacob Mason

U13B Most Improved - Charlie Wiltshire

U13B Player of the Year - Charlie Medcalfe

U13A Clubman - Ben Firth

U13A Most Improved - Luke Schmid

U13A Player of the Year - Harry Ribchester

U14 Clubman - Luca Mihell

U14B Most Improved - Colin She

U14B Player of the Year - David Santos Soto

U14A Most Improved - Wills Gut

U14A Player of the Year - James Stacey


U15 Clubman - James Sutcliffe

U15 Most Improved - Saul Penn

U15 Player of the Year - Charlie Read

U16 Clubman - Jamie Livermore

U16 Most Improved - Gregor Anderson

U16 Player of the Year - Rhys Fray

2nd XV Clubman - Tom Seabrook

2nd XV Most Improved - Ben Haworth

2nd XV Player of the Year - Tane Bentley

1st XV Clubman - Vittorio Bianchin

1st XV Most Improved - Keir Gordon

1st XV Player of the Year - Oli Leatherbarrow




Congratulations to all of the winners and to everyone who has represented school and trained this season. 

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