6 November 2019

Image of I2 Trip to Towneley Hall

Kirkham Grammar Junior School I2 pupils had a memorable trip to Towneley Hall, related to their History topic of Houses and Homes. They took part in an informative visit around the gardens; learning about Autumn and nature. They even performed some ‘worm charming’ and were very excited to see them appearing from the ground! They were given the opportunity to look around the house, learning about the Towneley Family and looked at the rooms from the past, including a real mummy! They were also lucky enough to look in the museum of local history and took turns to see what it would have been like to sit in a tin bath and use some of the items that would have been in a home of the past. Well done I2 for being such wonderful Historians!

Please take a look at the photographs on the slideshow below...


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